Q. Can I book a bus on someone else's behalf?

A. Yes, All you need to do is fill in your personal information and pay 10% deposit while booking.

Q. How can I get the best deal of booking a bus?

A. Bus booking price depends on the trip richness, the friendless of our tour guide and the amount of shopping time in the trip.

Q. What do I consider choosing the right car?

A. Number of passengers. According to the local regulation here in Taiwan, there are 4 passenger, 8 passenger or 9 passenger mini-van available (include driver seat.) 9~16 passengers will need a medium size bus. If there are even more passengers, then you do need to book a proper bus.

Q. Does the bus have a mileage restriction?

A. No, there are no such restrictions enforced by law. However, 3~5 tourist spots per day, 150~200km daily would be about it.

Q. All associated fees are included in the booking?

A. This quotation includes patrol fees, toll charges, parking fees as well as cost of driver and guide's accommodation and food. Guest's accommodation, site entry tickets etc need to be paid separately.

Q. Can I hire a bus without credit card?

A. Sorry! We accept cash only at this time.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?

A. What type of payment do you accept?

Q. If my flight is delayed or cancelled, what should I do?

A. If your flight delayed or cancelled, please contact our team arrange further plan as soon as you can.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation of trip needs to be notified 5 days prior departure in case of force majeure. Otherwise, all associated cancellation cost need to be paid by you (such as accommodation booking fees.)

Q. Does my booking include insurance? If so, what subject does this insurance cover up to?

A. As soon as we received your booking deposit, we will book your team member into tourist insurance regulated by Taiwan Tourism Department (travel responsibility insurance). Such insurance will be come into effect as soon as you and your teams land in Taiwan.

Q. What if bus is broken or a traffic accident happens?

A. Our team will arrange you with an alternative bus and original itinerary will resume.

Q. Will I get a refund if I finish my trip ahead of scheduled time?

A. Even your trip ends earlier than first plan, no refund or discount will be offer.

Q. Do I need to provide any ID information?

A. In order to ensure the safety of your trip, we will book everyone into travel insurance. We only need this information for insurance booking, we will not disclose such information to any third party unless your authorization. 1. Full name (in English)
2. Date of birth
3. Passport number
4. Arriving and departing flight number
5. Itinerary and Bus Dispatching Slip issued by a Taiwan Tourist Agent

Q. How to choose a vehicle that suits us?

A. 2~4 pax, WISH vehicle 5~8 pax, VW T5 9 seat passenger car Over 9 pax, 21 seat mini-bus or 45 seat big-bus

Q. What fees are included in this booking?

A. This booking fee includes: 1. Petrol fees 2. Toll and parking fees 3. Airport pickup and drop off fees 4. Driver and guide service cost 5. Driver and guide accommodation cost

Q. Is our service safe?

A. You can absolutely rest in peace with our safety standard. All out fleet are within 3 years old. We only employ experienced drivers, they are all super familiar with Taiwan road conditions and routes. All buses are fully insured.

Q. How much does the service cost?

A. 2~4 pax WISH
5500 per day
5~8 pax VW T5 or similar
6500 per day
9~14 pax with 21 seat bus
13000 per day
15 pax or over with 33 or 45 seat bus
18000 per day
Fees vary depending on trip plans. Please contact us to get an exact quotation.
All fees quoted above are in NT currency.